Make a Charitable Contribution Today and Help Families in Need!

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Make a Charitable Contribution Today and Help Families in Need!

Post by aniekeze on Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:09 pm

If you're ready to upgrade and get a new boat, or if you're tired of your boat taking up space on your driveway, consider donating your boat to charity today. Avoid the selling process and all of the hassles that come along with potential buyers or the challenge of selling the boat itself. The donation process is very fast and super easy; it begins with the donor visiting our website and filling up the online donation form. Within a few short business days a transporter will be in contact to schedule a pick up for your boat. For your generous donation, you will receive an unbeatable tax deduction, and a vacation voucher. What is even more valuable that you will receive for your donation is the pride you will gain from knowing what a great contribution you have made to charity. Your boat donation can assist families and individuals in need during these rough economic times. Our nonprofit,, thrives to help those in need, and to show great attention and appreciation for our generous donors. Our volunteers are always available to answer any questions you may have or to assist you with the donation process. Feel free to contact us at 1(888) 888-7187 or visit our other websites to donate other things such as vehicles, property, real estate, collectibles, and many more charitable items.


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